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Local Governing Committees

Mowbray Education Trust revised its governance model at the start of January 2021, following a period of review and consultation.

Our Local Level Governance plays a vital role in the support and challenge of our school and school leaders. The Local Governing Committees comprise volunteers, called Local Governing Committee members. Local Governing committees are made up of parent and carers of pupils from one of the Trust’s primary or secondary schools, elected staff members from our schools and members of the local community with transferable skills from their professional lives, who are looking to give back to their local community.

Our 3 Local Governing Committees scrutinise the following

Curriculum - What our pupils are taught and why, how school leaders ensure they know more and remember more and how our class teacher support our pupils to be the very best they can be. 

Performance - How our assessment, prediction and monitoring processes work to provide the best opportunities for our pupils and students

Community - How we engage with our stakeholders, improving educational opportunities for our young people. School, Trust and community events and our focus on the wellbeing of our pupils, students and staff. 

A Local Governing Committee member attends 6 Scrutiny Panel meetings each academic year – once every half-term. They also visit schools in between meetings to see that what they are being told in meetings actually happens in the schools. This is then put into a visit report and fed back to the next Local Governing Committee meeting.  Activities at schools visits can include. 

  • Discussions with Head teachers/Heads of School
  • Discussions with subject leaders and classroom teachers
  • Discussions with Teaching Assistants and Cover Supervisors
  • Learning Walks
  • Book Looks
  • Discussions with children about their learning
  • Reading and analysing formal and informal information from the school.

. A Local Governing Committee member serves a term of four years.

How can I find out more?

You can view the Mowbray Education Trust Governance Handbook here.

Local Governing Committee are guided by, and report into, the Quality of Education  and Governance and Remuneration Committee. The Chairs of the Local Governing Committees are non-voting members of these Committees.

If you are interested in finding out about becoming a Local Governing Committee Member, then we would love to hear from you! Please contact Susan Beasley, Executive Lead for Governance and Compliance via email > [email protected]