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A feelgood week

I never expected it to happen this quickly. I was told that one of the biggest challenges in leading a multi academy trust was to try to build a sense of moral corporate responsibility, encouraging people to see beyond their own school and feel the same responsibility / accountability for children across the whole trust. I have been saying for a while that we are only as good as the most vulnerable child in our most challenging school.

This week, I have been blown away by the extent to which that message is actually, absolutely getting through. We had our first big Headteacher meeting of the term and when it came to discussing venues, we have agreed to do them in each of our schools in turn, with the hosting Head showing us round their setting, followed by modest coffee and biscuits of course.

What struck me this week was the overwhelming extent to which all heads clearly shared a sense of pride and accountability for the school we looked around. Moreover, every one of them was willing and keen to help. It felt like a proper team, with each Headteacher looking at what resource and expertise they could bring to improve things further to support the hosting Headteacher. How refreshing, compassionate and kind: exactly what we are about.

Well played all!