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Vision and Values

Our vision is very simple: Children come first.

Everything we do is focussed around ensuring that our young people get the very best support and opportunities we can give them.  They deserve nothing less, it's what we're here to do.

  • By prioritising our children, we are making an investment in our community and in our future.
  • This vision drives every single decision at every level in our organisation, and this should be transparent to all stakeholders. Because of this, our organisation is driven through with integrity.
  • We believe that our young people are brilliant and deserve the very best experience. They only get one shot and we cannot afford to make any compromise to our children’s education. We will work hard to put only the highest quality teachers in front of our great children. Part of this work must focus on the highest quality teacher recruitment and a sharp focus on staff retention. We must also challenge our staff to be the very best that they can be, through effective training and development.
  • We understand that we must also be an organisation that is enjoyable to be part of. To achieve this, every employee must understand the role they play in delivering our vision, and share our moral imperative. We must ensure that all aspects of our work are sharply focused on delivering our vision: no one has time to be distracted from this central aim.
  • We must also create a climate that gives opportunities for all staff to feel valued. We must also understand our staff to ensure that talent is recognised and cultivated - no talent must go to waste.
  • We will always make decisions that are in the best long term interests of our children: decisions that will optimise their chances of being happy, fulfilled adults and having great lives. We acknowledge that sometimes these decisions are hard and will necessitate short term compromises.
  • In order for our children to become fulfilled as adults, they need to work hard, show resilience, develop determination. This will sometimes require tough love in the short term.
  • We believe that if we let children be anything but their best, we are compromising their fulfillment and sense of personal achievement further down the line.
  • We believe our young people have the potential to achieve much. We have very high expectations for each and every one. To reflect this, we set very high targets for our whole community and then provide the support to achieve these standards together. We will not lower our expectations but rather work harder with our community, to help everybody to reach them. We aim to leave no one behind.
  • We are a community based on integrity – and a singularity of purpose. We believe we are only as good as our most vulnerable student in our most vulnerable school. With this in mind, we understand that we must work together to ensure that no one is left behind.
  • The Trust exists to enable its young people to achieve even more than they would have within their immediate school setting: the whole must be greater than the sum of its parts to justify its existence.
  • We believe that we can achieve more together through transparency at every level. When problems come, they are better solved together – we do not do post mortems.
  • In our day to day actions, we will keep at the forefront of our minds the following questions to enable us to focus on delivering every one aspect of our vision and values:
  • For which child is this all a bit too hard?
  • Which one are we prepared to compromise because we don’t want to challenge?
  • Which child is not quite important enough?

Please click the below attachment to view our Strategy Overview 2019-2022.