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Whatever It Takes

Ultimately, by joining our Trust, you will be placing your school with an organisation that takes its accountability very seriously. We will work as a team to do whatever it takes to ensure the school thrives. Headteachers often feel isolated, even lonely, in being entirely accountable for the running of a school. The accountability is no less in a Trust, but you will be joining a wider team where the accountability is entirely shared.

We don’t do post-mortems. We will not ‘monitor’ the school from a distance and then hold the leadership team to account when it is too late. We will work quickly to build a relationship of trust with the leadership team. In addition to school-based internal data, we will use trust-wide data tracking tools to ensure that we get a good grasp on where the school is at. This enables us to understand what additional resources the school will need to ensure that young people leave with superb outcomes.

Moreover, we welcome school-based problems that are brought to us throughout the year, that we can then work through to solve together. It is through this relationship of entire transparency, that we have been able to have the impact that we have thus far.


We recognise the pressure that a school – and a Headteacher - can experience if their performance is perceived to ‘drop’. We have built significant strength into our school improvement team to mitigate against this. By joining our Trust, you will have completely free access to additional teaching support to deliver headline measures. Moreover, even if outcomes look strong, we will aim to find ways to improve them still. Our track record for this is excellent, with 100% of our current schools improving headline outcomes as a result of being in our Trust.

Making It Work

Ultimately, by making the decision to join us, you are giving your school the very best chance to improve. You are also creating opportunities for you and your team to be able to scale up their work and have a wider impact. You will be joining a Trust leadership team that shares responsibility for all its young people. You will be expected to play a key part in setting the direction of the Trust because our vision and values will be aligned.

As part of the transition process into the Trust, we will work together to ensure that your school thrives from day 1. Of course, budgets are tighter than they have ever been in schools, and we fully expect to work with you to future-proof your finances. Moreover, we will support you to ensure that the cost of being in the MET works for your school, even from day 1. It is our responsibility to ensure that every Headteacher has the financial resources to ensure that their school can thrive. If you decide to join us, there will be a carefully planned transition process, bespoke to your current financial position and designed specifically to ensure that your school can make rapid improvements immediately. It would be completely counterproductive to manage it in any other way.