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About Us

Our Trust was created in 2014 and like a lot of trusts at the time, built a very strong central support offer for schools first.

By joining our Trust, you will be able to access established, experienced and highly professional teams in Finance, IT, HR and Estates Management.

Our Trust changed direction in June 2017 to focus entirely on school improvement and is built around the fundamental premise that schools should be better as a result of being in a trust. We do not aim to just ‘manage’ a school’s central services: we aim to help the school to improve rapidly, even if its current performance is strong. It is our ambition that all of our schools will be recognised as performing at an outstanding level by their local community, and by other external agencies. We have built our school improvement model around this simple ambition.

As a head teacher leadership team, we have built a very strong sense of moral purpose – where we share responsibility and accountability for all the schools in our trust. We also work collaboratively to ensure that all of our schools thrive. For example, head teachers have organised secondments between them as a way to hold on to their most talented teachers. We also recognise that we will only thrive by being able to tap into the strengths of the entire team. This has led to a very distributed model of leadership, where a head teacher is responsible for running their school, but also leads an aspect of trust school improvement. We are determined to offer every person the right opportunities. We do not want to be a trust that does things to its schools. We want the best people in our schools to lead the way – and have room and space to scale up their impact!

By joining us, you will be buying into our culture which is centered entirely around our vision: Children First. As a Trust, we work together to ensure that EVERY single young person has the very best chance to thrive. The benefit of being in a trust is that the resource and opportunity to benefit pupils is multiplied many times.