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The Grove Primary School Achieves Science Award!

We are so pleased to see this recognition for the hard work that Mrs Cheeseman and the team at The Grove Primary School have put into their new science curriculum!

Over the past year, The Grove have been working hard to improve the provision and teaching of Science. They have worked hard to establish, consolidate, review and improve current practice, resulting in them achieving the Primary Science Quality Mark!

Science is now high profile in the school and is talked about with enthusiasm by staff and children. The children love the new science resources and artefacts and are queuing up to join the science club!

Helen Sizer, PSQM Co-Director said: ‘By enabling effective science leadership, PSQM is powering the potential of all children to see the relevance and importance of science in their lives, now and in the future. Schools that have achieved a Primary Science Quality Mark have demonstrated a significant commitment to science leadership, teaching and learning and the profile and quality of science in each accredited school is very high. Science subject leaders, their colleagues, headteachers, children, parents and governors should be very proud.”

As science subject leader, Mrs Cheeseman has been working hard with the staff team, children and parents to develop and review their current staff offer.

They have put lots of amazing things in place, such as a new science curriculum, developing their understanding of scientific enquiry and supporting children with SEND in science.

The Grove have focused on science capital and how important it is in the community.  They have done many things, including starting a science club, recruiting science ambassadors, and are planning for an individual school science room which will be completed by December 2023!

“At the Grove we value all curriculum areas and want to ensure that our children are receiving top-quality education in all disciplines. Last year, improving our science provision and receiving an external validation for the quality of our curriculum and teaching of science was a key priority as we continue to strive for excellence after our Good Ofsted rating in January."

Mrs Cheeseman, Head of School.