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CEO blog reflecting on summer nights

I hope half term was great for everyone!


Our secondary school has been running a very exciting ‘Summer Nights’ programme this week, involving a great number of very excited and often nervous primary pupils taking part in sessions covering most of our main curriculum areas.

It’s a taster session that taps in to many adults memories – the first visit to the secondary….. I could tell that all the adults in the restaurant were remembering their first visits, too.

Then off for the summer to get prepared.

For me,  the summer involved the excitement of finally getting to choose a pencil case and bag which would make me feel truly secondary ready, along with the blatant lies I told my mum that ‘everyone was going to be wearing trainers’ even though they were specifically NOT part of the uniform.

I can still remember how fuming she was when she came to collect me at the end of the first day of term, and was pulled to one side by my form tutor who pointed out that she was the only parent who had not ‘adhered to the uniform policy’.

Luckily the pupils I have met this week were far better humans than I was at the same age.