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CEO Blog - an exciting visitor

CEO update on an exciting visitor - or one of them!

A while ago, school leaders were invited to volunteer to host a member of the Department for Education for up to three days, as part of an Immersion project.

The thinking was that some members of the DFE would find it helpful to be immersed in the day to day running of schools, to get a sense of the challenges.

Obviously I volunteered….

So at the very end of last term, we had a visit. Goodness me we enjoyed it. Our visitor attended our MET strategic planning day, meeting with all sorts of stakeholders, discussing the wins and losses this year and the targets we’re setting ourselves for next year.

He then was out and about in a few of our settings, talking to staff, students, parents, the lot! He even met the dog who was in one of our settings as part of their ‘Pet Friendly’ campaign.

Aside from being genuinely very nice person, he was also really excited.

He said that every person he spoke to understood and lived the vision of the trust and that in short, it had been the best school visit he had every done.

I told you what is happening is special….