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Sound governance is a pre-requsite for a Trust that is able to effectively ensure that everything it does is based around the concept of Children First.

We are a not-for-profit, limited by guarantee organisation that operates several indiivdual nurseries and academies.   The legal entity consists of Members and Trustees.


Members are the ultimate "owners" of the Trust and have the overall control, with the abiliyt to appoint some of the Trustees and the right to amend the Articles of Association (our written rules of operation that set out what we can, and can't do).   

Further information on our Members can be found here


Our Trustees are the 'directors' of the organisation, and are responsible under Company Law for the operations of the Trust.  Their core functions are to set the strategic direction of the Trust, hold the CEO to account for performance, and to ensure that the Trust adheres to the various legislations and regulations by which we are bound. They are also responsible for ensuring that the Trust demonstrates financial probity.

The Trustees set and use the Scheme of Delegation to empower our Local Governing Bodies to govern the day to day affairs of the individual organisations within the Trust.  This document (link on the right) is a powerful tool to ensure that every decision taken within the Trust is done so on the basis of our guiding principle of Children First.

Our Trustees have one sub-committee, the Audit Committee, who's Terms of Reference are reviewed annually.   The document is found in the link on the right of this page.

Further information on our Trustees can be found here

Local Governing Bodies

Our LGBs consist of what we call "Local Governors".   These individuals are the heart of the governance arrangements, and a sign of everything that roots our organisations in their local community.  We rely upon these indiivduals, who give up their time and expertise willingly, to support each organistaion and to be supporting them to be delivering the best educaiton that we possibly can, to each of our children.

All of our Governors across all of the Trust are shown in the table below.  Please refer to each local Academy website for more information about governance arrangements in each school.

Ab Kettleby Primary
Brownlow PrimaryJohn Ferneley CollegeSherard PrimarySomerby Primary
The Grove Primary



Oasis Family Centre