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This summer was a bit strange to be honest. As you may know, we have been making some big changes in our Trust since 1st June and it has been a wildly exciting time.

In the final weeks of term, we were making such rapid progress in building some very dynamic new school improvement systems, working with new teams and getting to test out some new ideas.

And then the summer came. And the pace slowed. 

I was grateful that my family had chosen to escape up north in the second week of the holidays because it took me the first week to unwind by working just a little more slowly.

Then a week away, working very slowly indeed up the Lancaster canal was absolutely perfect. What a tonic!
OK, so technically it was a canal boat holiday: I spent most of my time walking very fast up the tow path with my lovely dogs. Either way, it refreshed me and I can’t wait to pick up the pace now – it is such fun to be back, starting up the great MET engines again. I’m delighted we’re under way.

I hope you also had a fantastic summer and are ready to kick into the Autumn, too!