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CEO's weekly round up...

Not a blog, a weekly round up...

Much thanks for a very smooth start in all of our settings this week – children have been extremely well supported back into the new term.

I’ve been particularly impressed and grateful to teachers and staff, where they have needed to adapt plans because classroom environments have not been ready. I know how important an orderly, crisp and tidy start is and how frustrating it is if things don’t go to plan. Stoicism and a bit of blitz spirit is what I saw in a couple of settings this week. Thank you so much.

On Tuesday, I was also delighted to hear some of the extremely exciting plans for trust wide SEN support and to visit a couple of developing facilities – given what I know of the passion of the teams leading in these areas, there is cause for some excitement - there was even discussion of the c word (the one which is only 16 weeks away) and plans for the MET do – but I promise I will say nothing more until at least October!!

Last highlight was a preview of MET Pera event and vision sharing with MET Heads on Thursday – my thanks to them for such a very positive meeting – it is rare to be able to speak so openly and honestly with such like-minded colleagues. We are going to have such a great time this year.

Up next: can’t wait to see you all on Monday at 4pm to share some of our exciting plans – coffee and biscuits will be provided. Brace to hear about MANY opportunities to lead aspects of our growing trust – the message is very much: this is your trust – we need you!!!

Have a fabulous weekend everybody – and get to PERA early if you want front seats - they always go first (as do the biscuits)!!!