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Mary Poppins!! - practically perfect in every way

I got to see the Brownlow Year 6 show last night....

I was lucky enough to attend the Brownlow Year 6 show last night – this year it was Mary Poppins.

Now, maybe it’s because I haven’t seem that film for years, or maybe it was the wonderful pupils who took their roles so seriously but I really did find it quite moving.

The Gym was packed and incredibly warm, both physically and emotionally. I was surrounded by very proud parents who were often struggling to keep their emotions in.

It didn’t help that Mr Turrell reminded them that this was the last time in  five years that their children would appear on the Brownlow stage…

I also felt that upsurge of responsibility in terms of ensuring that every one of those children has the very best experience in the next phase of their education.

The songs also seemed to tie into all the emotions swirling in the room, from the rather haunting ‘Chimchiminey’ and ‘Feed the Birds’ through to a very uplifting and hopeful last number (CANNOT remember the name!!!)

All in all – I got home exhausted – to then get caught up in an equally intense England match against Colombia. It’s that time of year….

Can’t wait to see the Grove show later!!!!!


I really must convey my admiration and grateful thanks to all those last night who made the event so special – and indeed to all of our teams who are working hard to create such fantastic memories for young people and their parents across the trust.