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A high point of the week - CEO blog

CEO BLOG update - lessons learned - start low and work up!!

I got the chance to spend the day in one of our primaries at the end of last week.

Mostly it’s visits for bits of mornings or afternoons, it’s not often that I’m there from the beginning of the day, as the school wakes up - you get to understand so much more about the school.

It was fun!

One of the most enjoyable parts was when teachers began to send me children who had done some great work – something to celebrate! Now as a Secondary leader by trade, this is always a perk, and in my office at JFC, I’ve got a big basket full of treasures – Headteacher award bugs, kinder eggs, that sort of thing.

But here I was in somebody elses’s office, unarmed and under pressure to deliver!!

Very fortunately, the Headteacher’s office I was in, had a really exciting looking treasure chest that I was sure would be used for just these sort of eventualities – and knowing him, I was sure he wouldn’t mind. However, I think my reward threshold might have been just a little bit lower than the real Headteacher’s. I could tell by the slightly dazzled and overawed look in some of the children’s eyes, some looked sick with excitement at the possibility of exploring the treasure chest.

I think the news whipped around the school and by break, everyone was showing me work.

If I’d known how many children would be doing superb work – (and I must be clear: it really was so very good!!) – I might have started with a more modest set of a rewards and worked up.

So: following many apologies – and a commitment to replenish, I left very happy indeed.