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CEO Blog on habits...

The danger of habits

It has come to my attention that so much of adult life is driven by habits. I guess much of it is just being practical.... over time you evolve for example, a particular order of getting ready in the morning, a particular order of preparing breakfast. You don’t know why you do it in that order, you just do. It’s practical in the sense that it makes no sense to question it every morning, or to experiment - I know, today I fancy putting the kettle on AFTER the toast - that sort of thing. It’s the same when you drive to work and have NO memory of getting there. Autopilot.


It’s all good but sometimes it can be dangerous. Routines in teaching - those habits that just evolve - that maybe our teaching training mentor once told us, which then leads to hours and hours and hours accumulated over years, without us ever challenging it. There’s a well-being issue at stake: its a well known thing that teacher well-being is real issue, leading to teacher recruitment challenges in lots of areas up and down the country. I wonder how much of what we automatically do is just routine and not delivering the impact on children the hours it is occupying would justify?

It worries me: I know there is a LOT to do as a teacher. Therefore I want to ensure that everything we do is rewarded with high impact and there is nothing we are doing that is not delivering for us. Of course, how we can encourage a reflection on our day to day habits that we hold on to so dearly, is another challenge - leave it with me!