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A belated New year wish... CEO blog udpate

Thoughts about New Year


I hope you all had a really lovely Christmas - even though it seems like years ago now!

I really do love Christmas very much indeed, but am much more ambivalent about new year.

I am particularly exercised by the idea of new year’s resolutions. They’ve never quite made sense to me.... either my direction of travel needs to be changed, or it doesn’t. And to be honest, I never find New Year’s Eve the best time to really consider it. Maybe its because I tend to think about things as I go along through the year and make changes - or try to - as I go?

Either way, our return to schools, and particularly the training days on the first day back, were most reflected by a sense that we’re going in the right direction and the only really change was the renewed conviction to keep going and have confidence in our direction of travel!!

Happy new year, everyone. May 2018 be filled with many opportunities taken.