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CEO welcome back!

Welcome back - a fresh start - CEO blog update


Welcome back!
I hope you all had a very restful break - it was certainly well needed after a very long half term and it is now lovely to be back.

One of the best presents I received was a snow globe. I collect them and just before Christmas I was given one of those snow globes where you insert a photo as the backdrop for the magical snowy scene.

One of my colleagues had very cleverly inserted a photo that meant a great deal indeed and I was delighted to show it to some of my team. The picture demonstrated very well the frustrations of modern life in education.

On return from the holidays, I have just been presented with another one, this time with a dreamy and mysterious mermaid inside it. The caption at the front of it is: ‘Always be a Mermaid’, which I think is a cracking way to start the year.

I am reading it to mean: hold on to the dreams and what you know to be right, rather than being thrown about on the waters of rapid change: with a new Education Secretary in post this week – a mermaid is not a bad thing to be.

Happy new year, everybody!!