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Inspired....all over again

As you might expect, there have been lots of events, trips and happenings across our schools this week – and it has been much fun.

I had the privilege of catching five minutes of a rehearsal of what looked like an amazing end of year play at Sherard – Jungle book. I also had the chance to watch a rather spectacular ‘Little Mermaid’ show at Brownlow. I was rather humbled to think that these young people offer so much promise and potential that we need to maximise as they continue to the next stage of their education. In a similar way, the John Ferneley College prom was again an emotional event, as it represented the start of the next phase of their journeys. Through all of the events, I was struck by how great our young people are, and again, how we must ensure we deliver the very best for them.

With this in mind, we have appointed some amazing staff to our school improvement team this week, ready to hit the ground running in September. We had our first meeting today, and goodness me, it was exciting!

I actually cannot wait to get started – probably a little break will do me good first though….