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CEO update - in Spring mode

Green shoots!!

So this year, we set out a few central aims and objectives for the Trust. One of them was to add value to the progress of our children in every one of our settings.

We are just about to begin our second round of predictions for the year and teachers have been gathering test scores, looking particularly at the progress made since the start of this very long term.

I have had a sneaky peak at some of this data and it is starting to get quite exciting. It is also, thus far, one of the most rewarding moments of the year. Yes: we have moved hell and high water to get there. Yes: there have been many tough decisions thus far – and many more to come I am sure. But there is a very clear sense that it is all beginning to work rather well indeed.

When I have been in situations like this in the past, the best bit is when the reward is delivered, and everyone suddenly understands what it was all for. Those moments are golden.

There is a long way to go yet, but I am starting to feel very optimistic indeed.