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CEO blog update - Oh Bright new day....


Oh Bright New Day.....


This week, on one of my learning walks in one of our schools, I got the opportunity to add some actual teaching value.

I happened across a group of students in an English GCSE breakout session. They were working to improve a GCSE exam response to Blood Brothers, one of the set GCSE English Lit texts. When I realised the subject matter, I was excited.

As an English teacher, I have taught Blood Brothers pretty much every year since 2005. It is one of the reasons why I love English teaching. It gives a perfect platform to explore social inequality and injustice through the vehicle of Literature and if you're doing it right, really change the way students think about themselves and their position in society.

I have also had the honour of taking groups to the stage show, year after year for the last ten years. I've met the actor who plays Mickey. It is my thing. I like to think I own it, although Willy Russell would probably disagree.

I proper went for it in my support and inwardly smiled when one of the students alluded to a scene later in the play and said, 'Have you read it?'