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Rocket Inspiration

In the week before half term, I took a photo of a papier mache rocket. It was huge and it was on the desk in Mr Nash’s office at the Grove.

It made me smile. 

The optimism and joy that had gone in to the building  of this rocket was completely awesome.

Don’t get me wrong, you know I’m a secondary teacher by trade, but there is a raw joy in working with primary children – the energy, blind optimism for the future, and absolute conviction in life is brilliant.

As a parent, I know that cynicism hits as children get to the teenage years: the trick is to optimise this joy and confidence when it happens. This is when children should have the opportunity to visit Oxford or Cambridge, to see what’s out there and what can be achieved.

A project for next year – undoubtedly – and it all started with a rocket.

Welcome back, all.