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  • 14/03/18

    CEO blog - an external view of things

    This week, we invited some National Leaders of Education in for a look.....
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  • 07/03/18

    CEO's inspiration from Year 7

    Words of wisdom from Year 7 this week
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  • 02/03/18

    CEO's blog update - words from the wise

    Words from the Wise resonated this week!
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  • 30/01/18

    A high point of the week - CEO blog

    CEO BLOG update - lessons learned - start low and work up!!
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  • 18/01/18

    A belated New year wish... CEO blog udpate

    Thoughts about New Year
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  • 12/01/18

    CEO welcome back!

    Welcome back - a fresh start - CEO blog update
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  • 22/11/17

    CEO blog update - Oh Bright new day....

      Oh Bright New Day.....   This week, on one of my learning walks in one of our schools, I got the opportunity to add some actual teaching value. I happened across a group of students in an English GCSE breakout session. They were working to improve a GCSE exam response to Bloo...
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