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  • 22/11/17

    CEO blog update - Oh Bright new day....

      Oh Bright New Day.....   This week, on one of my learning walks in one of our schools, I got the opportunity to add some actual teaching value. I happened across a group of students in an English GCSE breakout session. They were working to improve a GCSE exam response to Bloo...
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  • 17/11/17

    CEO  blog - Children in Need

    Children in Need day - the best day of the year!!
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  • 09/11/17

    Naughty NovEmber

    I used to call it 'Naughty November'. It has a reputation for being the month that some people find tough, unless you happen to have a birthday in it. Maybe it's the long dark nights.... Over the last few years however, I have come to love it. After half term, it is the time when...
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  • 28/10/17

    Rocket Inspiration

    In the week before half term, I took a photo of a papier mache rocket. It was huge and it was on the desk in Mr Nash’s office at the Grove. It made me smile.  The optimism and joy that had gone in to the building  of this rocket was completely awesome. Don’t get me wro...
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  • 06/10/17

    Digging for Victory

    I spent an afternoon at one of our trust schools this week, where the key word was ‘confidence’. I don’t mean their key word of the week, just everything about the way children talked, worked together, moved and even laughed, said ‘we are confident’. It was superb...
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  • 28/09/17

    What Gate Duty Does To You

    This week I've spent quite a bit of time in the primary schools and was working from one for two days. It was a joy when I went out to help with gate duty: I realised that so many of the parents of children now in our trust in key stage one, were in my English classes when I taught at King Ed...
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  • 22/09/17

    A feelgood week

    I never expected it to happen this quickly. I was told that one of the biggest challenges in leading a multi academy trust was to try to build a sense of moral corporate responsibility, encouraging people to see beyond their own school and feel the same responsibility / accountability for child...
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  • 16/09/17

    Another great week

    Many thanks to those fantastic teachers and children who have welcomed me into their Year 6 classes this week. My goodness, what focus and maturity and fantastic relationships I saw! I particularly enjoyed a guided reading session this afternoon, where I was able to briefly share a passion abo...
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  • 09/09/17

    A great start

    The importance of a good system for a great start
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