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  • 06/10/17

    Digging for Victory

    I spent an afternoon at one of our trust schools this week, where the key word was ‘confidence’. I don’t mean their key word of the week, just everything about the way children talked, worked together, moved and even laughed, said ‘we are confident’. It was superb...
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  • 28/09/17

    What Gate Duty Does To You

    This week I've spent quite a bit of time in the primary schools and was working from one for two days. It was a joy when I went out to help with gate duty: I realised that so many of the parents of children now in our trust in key stage one, were in my English classes when I taught at King Ed...
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  • 22/09/17

    A feelgood week

    I never expected it to happen this quickly. I was told that one of the biggest challenges in leading a multi academy trust was to try to build a sense of moral corporate responsibility, encouraging people to see beyond their own school and feel the same responsibility / accountability for child...
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  • 16/09/17

    Another great week

    Many thanks to those fantastic teachers and children who have welcomed me into their Year 6 classes this week. My goodness, what focus and maturity and fantastic relationships I saw! I particularly enjoyed a guided reading session this afternoon, where I was able to briefly share a passion abo...
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  • 09/09/17

    A great start

    The importance of a good system for a great start
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  • 02/09/17

    Lets do it....

    It’s been a very rewarding week. Alongside welcoming back our fantastic children and settling them into new routines and systems, there has been a great deal of MET activity. Following the high of the MET Pera event last Friday (weren’t those chicken skewers amazing? – we must u...
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  • 25/08/17


    This summer was a bit strange to be honest. As you may know, we have been making some big changes in our Trust since 1st June and it has been a wildly exciting time. In the final weeks of term, we were making such rapid progress in building some very dynamic new school improvement systems, w...
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  • 31/07/17

    Inspired....all over again

    As you might expect, there have been lots of events, trips and happenings across our schools this week – and it has been much fun. I had the privilege of catching five minutes of a rehearsal of what looked like an amazing end of year play at Sherard – Jungle book. I also had the chanc...
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