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  • 13/06/18

    CEO blog reflecting on summer nights

    I hope half term was great for everyone!   Our secondary school has been running a very exciting ‘Summer Nights’ programme this week, involving a great number of very excited and often nervous primary pupils taking part in sessions covering most of our main curriculum areas...
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  • 08/06/18

    CEO Blog - an exciting visitor

    CEO update on an exciting visitor - or one of them!
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  • 18/05/18

    CEO blog update - what a week!

    It's been quite a week!!
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  • 11/05/18

    CEO blog update - forward planning

    And so the planning begins....
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  • 03/05/18

    CEO blog update - waiting

    A confession about a character flaw...
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  • 24/04/18

    CEO blog - commitment to the cause

    CEO Blog on commitment and getting it right...
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  • 19/04/18

    Thoughts of next year - CEO blog update

    Development planning begins.....
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  • 12/04/18

    CEO blog update - welcome to the Summer?!? term

    Welcome back to the summer term....
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  • 14/03/18

    CEO blog - an external view of things

    This week, we invited some National Leaders of Education in for a look.....
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  • 07/03/18

    CEO's inspiration from Year 7

    Words of wisdom from Year 7 this week
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  • 02/03/18

    CEO's blog update - words from the wise

    Words from the Wise resonated this week!
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