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Scrutiny Panels

Mowbray Education Trust has ambitious plans to introduce a new model of governance from January 2021.

Could you play an important role in the Trust’s governance by joining one of our Scrutiny Panels?

The Trust is proposing two Scrutiny Panels, one focusing on Curriculum and one on Pupil Performance. Each Scrutiny Panel will comprise volunteers, called Scrutiny Panellists. We are looking for 24 Scrutiny Panellist to join us.

Every Scrutiny Panellist will be affiliated to one of the Trust’s schools and will get to know the school well. Their observations and evaluations will feed into Scrutiny Panels, which have a trust-wide perspective.

A Scrutiny Panellist will attend 3 Scrutiny Panel meetings each academic year – once every term. They will also visit their school in between meetings to develop their knowledge of their school and will undertake these types of activity:

  • Discussions with Head teachers/Heads of School
  • Discussions with subject leaders and classroom teachers
  • Discussions with Teaching Assistants and Cover Supervisors
  • Learning Walks
  • Book Looks
  • Discussions with children about their learning
  • Reading and analysing formal and informal information from the school

We are looking for people who are curious, eager to learn and committed to their school and to developing the Trust. A Scrutiny Panellist serves a term of four years.

What should I read now?

  1. We recommend you take a look at our new governance model first. You can download this here.
  2. Next we suggest you look at the terms of reference for each of the Scrutiny Panels – Curriculum and Pupil Performance. These will operate in very similar ways, but their duties vary slightly and we recommend you look at these carefully to determine which Scrutiny Panel you feel would best suit you, in terms of your own interest and the skills you could lend to it.

    Please click the links below:
    Terms of reference for the Curriculum Scrutiny Panel
    Terms of reference for the Performance Scrutiny Panel
  3. We then suggest you read through the role description and person specification for a Scrutiny Panellist, which can be found here. Have you considered whether you are interested in being the Chair of a Scrutiny Panel? Why not look at the Chair’s role description and person specification as well? You can find this here.
  4. At this point, we hope you are now interested in applying to join one of our Scrutiny Panels! Please complete the Scrutiny Panellist Statement of Interest. This applies to both Scrutiny Panellists and Chairs of Scrutiny Panels. Please note the deadline for receipt of your application is 17:00 on Monday 16 November 2020. You can download the document by clicking here.

Would you like to find out more before you apply?

The Trust is running a Q&A session for people interested in finding out more about becoming a Scrutiny Panellist. This is an opportunity to ask any questions and to hear a short overview of the role. We are running this virtual session via Microsoft Teams at 18:00 on Monday 9 November 2020. Please email our Clerk to Board, Rachel Middleton, if you would like to join this, so that she can send you a link to join the meeting, at [email protected]

Is there anything else I need to know?

Scrutiny Panels will be guided by, and report into, the new Quality of Education Committee. This will be one of the Trust Board’s sub-committees. You may be interested to read the terms of reference for the Quality of Education Committee to understand the interplay between the Committee and the Scrutiny Panels. You can download this document  here.

Please note that all terms of reference and role profiles are subject to final ratification by the Trust Board on 17 December 2020, at which point small amendments to all of the above could possibly be made.