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o365 email works

Please visit or favourite this page for updates on the the February half term O365 email works.

***07/02/2020 08:00***

Work is scheduled to commence 15/02/2020 00:00

You are likely to experience disrupted access to emails and OneDrive on all devices between 15/02/2020 - 19/02/2020

***15/02/2020 06:00***

Synchronisation work has commenced.

You may experience disruption, disconnection or repeated requests to enter your password on Email and OneDrive.

***16/02/2020 10:30***

Works complete – logon passwords now automatically sync with Email/OneDrive passwords.

You may have been asked to enter a password for emails or to sign into OneDrive – please enter the password you use to log into your computer, it should accept it.

If this does not work then please contact IT Services

To boost security, logon passwords (STAFF ONLY) now require compliance with complexity rules:

  • Minimum password length – 7 characters
  • Password history – 24

The number of passwords that should be remembered by AD for each user so that they cannot be reused.

  • Complexity Required

3 out of the 5-character types (upper, lower, digits, special and Unicode), must not contain the username.

  • Lockout Policy – 5

How many times the user can enter the incorrect password before the account is locked out and requires Administrators to unlock it.

All passwords must meet the above within the next 30 days

To avoid being locked out please change your password at your earliest convenience:

You must be ONSITE

  • Press CTRL+ALT+DEL
  • Click change a password