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CEO blog - Spring at last!!

A first sign of spring

During half term, I absolutely, definitely saw a daffodil.

I love this time of the year when things are finally starting to happen as you had been hoping pretty much ever since Christmas.

 It starts slowly and finally builds into a massive late spring crescendo. 

I am finding some parallels at work too, and it is so exciting.

I have been aware for the last two years or so, that we were seeing a steep improvement in the quality of teachers we have working in our schools. In the last weeks before half term, three of them were selected to become Specialist Leaders in Education (SLEs). This means they are nationally recognised at being at the standard at which they can support other schools and teachers across the country.

I am incredibly proud, but like the first daffodil, see it as being the first sign of many... I’m most excited about the fact that in terms of talent we have in our schools, that’s just the tip of the iceberg - now for phase two!!!