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CEO update - the last week!

Our last week

So, here it is….


We are finally entering our last week of term and I think it is my favourite of the whole year. It is the time when you see the true character and heart of the school.

For the last few years, I’ve had the privilege of enjoying the day at JFC.

It begins with breakfast club – everyone gets stuck in. Then Years 7 to 9 organise themselves beautifully to get on the buses to St Mary’s Church, for our annual Carol Service. It is the most moving point of the year, I love it. Our students’ behaviour and all round manners, are exemplary.

Then it’s back up for Christmas lunch.

In the meantime, Years 10 and 11 are focussed on progress right up to the end. This year, they will be attending immersion classes in Maths and Science.

Work hard, play hard. In so many schools I’ve worked in, you simply wouldn’t get away with it. The fact that we do is because the whole community gets the message: children first. Our children know that we are invested in them and won’t let them down. As a result, they don’t let us down.

This year, I am so looking forward to being in our primaries and nursery in this last week, to see the same sense of community being played out through all of the events and celebrations that our great teams are organising.


And so to the end of a very productive and extremely rewarding term.

My thanks to our parents, staff and students for the part you have played in making it work.

Have a very relaxing break.