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Naughty NovEmber

I used to call it 'Naughty November'. It has a reputation for being the month that some people find tough, unless you happen to have a birthday in it. Maybe it's the long dark nights....

Over the last few years however, I have come to love it. After half term, it is the time when as teachers, you can really let rip. Teachers, and classes, love routines and this is a big chunk of time when you can really get going in teaching and learning terms because the routines are undisrupted - or that's the plan, anyway. 

I have no evidence to support it but I swear it is the time when most progress is made in the whole academic year. Not so much 'Naughty November' as 'Nice November' (I'm sure English teams can find better alliteration!! Nurturing??). 

Either way, enjoy. The Christmas bells are starting to clang in the distance, it won't be long!!!